Pressed and salted pilchards, Newlyn Pilchard Works

Old Pilchard Works Museum, Newlyn

TweetI had occasion to revisit some photographs I took back in Summer 2003 of the Old Pilchard Works in Newlyn when it was open to the public as a working museum. It remains one of the most memorable museum experiences I have had. The working part of the museum allowed visitors to get a feel […]

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Making Cornish ghee

TweetHere is how I made ghee, or clarified butter, from good quality unsalted Cornish butter made by Trewithen Dairy, near Lostwithiel in Cornwall. Sometimes mass-produced ghee that you get in those vicious cans taste a little rancid and top-quality ghee can cost a lot of money. For example, a small jar (less than 1lb or […]

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Making Cornish paneer

TweetLast week I attempted my first home cheese by making paneer (Indian cottage cheese) from Cornish whole milk from Rodda’s Dairy. 3 litres whole Cornish milk c.80ml lemon juice 1 square muslin or cheese cloth (c.30cm sq.) In a heavy-bottomed non-stick pan gently bring the milk to a boil. As it starts to break bubbles […]

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Stairwell Sisters bango (credit: Vance Dubberly)


TweetThey say you know a gentleman by his ability to play the banjo, but his choice not to. Or words to that effect. This and other banjo jokes have not deterred my long-standing interest in the instrument and its music. Recently Steve Martin produced an album that epitomises a banjo lover’s seduction by this peculiar […]

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