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The man in seat 61

TweetI have known about the Man in Seat Sixty-One website for a while now, being a train travel aficionado, particularly when abroad. The site is an emporium of information, not just on train travel across the world, but on other novel ways of getting to, from and around the most distant lands, including ferries and […]

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Tweet A couple of weeks ago I attended an introductory cheesemaking course at Hartpury College, Gloucester. We were taught by Judy King, cheesemaker from nearby Wharf Farm Dairy. We made a cheddar method goats cheese which will mature in about two months. The photo shows the second cheddaring which is the process of re-cutting the […]

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Garden bluebell

Tweet Following our delayed Spring, I was happy to see bluebells come up in our tiny garden. They all grew tall and handsome and I made a photographic study of some using a diopter (magnifying) lens. This close, the little lilac-blue flowers seemed angelically alive and some of the photos captured their blue haze (something […]

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On Boundaries

TweetOn Boundaries is a new blog created by my friends gesta and reivers, a medievalist and a mathematical scientist, approaching life, people and the universe from their divers perspectives. If they don’t mind me saying, this will blog will challenge all sorts of rubbish that is believed by lots of unthinking or otherwise ignorant people. […]

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Cathedral and reflection

Tweet It’s not often you see the shadows of gargantuan buildings cast across the sky like this. Shadows, I think, are usually perceived as personal ones or perhaps of trees whose forms create a small area of shade on the ground. No one comments on them much, they are voids more than statements. Seeing this […]

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Tangerine quartz.JPG

Tangerine quartz

TweetYesterday, I bought an amazing bed of tangerine quartz. Today, I have been trying to find out what causes the fabulous tangerine-orange hue. The colouring is translucent and comes from the surfaces of the quartz, rather than from the inclusion of a foreign mineral within. Tom (my extremely excellent other half) asked about what causes […]

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